BBQ Tips – How the Experts Cook Juicy Barbeque

Here’s a secret that barbecue experts use to smoke or grill some of the juiciest barbecue out there. If you’re struggling with your meat drying out on the BBQ smoker or grill, use this technique to immediately improve your barbecue. The great part about it is this: it’s cheap, fun, and easy!

Whether you’re cooking ribs, chicken breasts, or any other meat, spray it with apple juice to keep a higher moisture level on the meat. More moisture means your meat will be more juicy and tender on the table.

How the Experts Cook Juicy Barbeque

How the Experts Cook Juicy Barbeque

All it takes is an inexpensive hand-pump garden sprayer filled with regular apple juice you can buy at your grocery store. You should be able to buy a sprayer from Lowe’s or your local home and garden store for around $10.

Make sure you sanitize the sprayer thoroughly before using it on your barbecue and never use it for insecticides.

The amount of juice you use isn’t critical. Approximately once an hour, spray enough on your meat to keep the surface of the meat moist as you’re smoking or grilling.

If you’re using a barbeque smoker that’s made for water smoking, we recommend you also pour some juice in the water tray while your meat is smoking. Check the juice level occasionally and keep some apple juice in the pan throughout the cooking process.

This simple little BBQ tip takes little investment and effort. Use it today and you’ll be on your way to cooking tender and juicy barbecue with the pros.