Top 10 BBQ Secrets-Tips of BBQ Cookings

Squeezing secrets out of a BBQ chef is not easy. Mystery is a part of the mystique and fun of BBQ. Most cooks defend the sauce and rub mixtures, with more ferociousness than a mother wolf sensing her cubs are in danger. However at the same time they like to heckle and show off and taunt all of their friends and competitors.

Regardless of all the show and frivolity produced by holding out the secrets to their recipes, most of the BBQ cooks do almost everything the exact same way. The only difference is in certain subtle flavors in the sauce, juicier meat or more flavorful, and slightly sweeter smoke flavor, and of course a bunch of malarkey over drinks.

Coming up with Rub and Sauce Recipes

Top 10 BBQ Secrets

Even when sauce recipes are held close to the chest, the main formulas for making your sauce will be all the info you need to create your own recipe, and then guard against all newcomers yourself.

All sauces begin with a core sauce that gives you the main flavor and combines all the other tastes together. The core that you start with can be ketchup, vinegar, mustard, tomato paste, chili sauce, or maybe you can combine all of them. Then you can mix in a sweetener, of some sort like a sugar or a molasses, then mix in as many spices as you want to taste.

The major competition BBQ chefs may not admit openly to this but they start with a particular bottled sauce and then mix in spices and sweeteners to their particular favored taste. If you want to start by experimenting with a sauce that you already like is a good way to begin your master BBQ career.

Meat Rubs are rather like sauces in that they usually start with a core taste that will blend well with whatever main flavors that you want to rub in. Paprika is usually what is used as the core spice in the rub, followed by salt, sugar and whatever other spices taste right to you.

You may like a flavor with some kick to it such as cayenne pepper, chili powder, or even curry powder. Then you will want a milder tasting spice such as cumin, black pepper, or garlic powder. You can mix and match and throw in a little this and a little that until it is the flavor you desire.

Slow Cook Meat to Mouth Melting Delight

There is a slow cook method that can transform a dull depressed meat into a mouth melting delicacy. This method requires a good amount of time and a regulated temperature. Which apparatus you use to create your BBQ masterpiece all relies on how much and how often you plan to cook, along with how much financially you are willing to pay.

Tragically the cheaper equipment usually takes the most experience to produce a good end result. If you purchase the more expensive equipment you normally have a better temperature control. If you don’t have the temperature control, you will be checking the temperature and adjusting your vents, and adding charcoal constantly to make the temperature consistent.

Relatively good BBQ smokers on the low end will cost at about $200, and better equipment could be tens of thousands.